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We're more than just accountants that work for you.

We want to be the accountants that work with you!

We want to proactively work with your business to help you align your business with your dreams to create more time and/or money.

Yes, we still do what other accountants do; we'll provide you with financial statements and income tax returns, but as your preferred accountants we can also guide you through a process of working out where you want to be, and how to get there, and then support you along whatever path you choose to achieve your goals.

Our services are personal to your needs, meaning you can tailor the services you need from a range of options offered under general compliance, company and trust administration, growth and planning, or support. We also offer different ways of financing the cost.

At Infinite Possibilities we are accountants that are serious about providing affordable services tailored specifically to you.

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Try our truly personalised holistic approach to accounting and choose the accounting services you need, to fit within your budget.

Download our FREE Guides and find out how to look after your Trust, do better in a recession, maintain an employee file, and how to compare accountants to find the best one for you.

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Latest News

Covering changes to legislation, the economy, and anything else which may impact on how you do business:

NZ Government announced their 2013 Budget
16 May - Proposals include tax relief for "black hole" expenditure, R&D tax-break proposal to boost start-ups, review of effectiveness of the thin capitalisation rules, additional funding for IRD to strengthen auditing of property transactions, changes to student loans scheme and ACC Levies.
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Cabinet approves major Inland Revenue work
1 May - Government has approved in principle the case for major, long-term systems changes at IRD that will deliver new, streamlined services for NZ individuals and businesses.
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CPI adjustment for boarding service providers
29 April - IRD advised that the weekly standard-cost component for the 2013 income year is retrospectively adjusted as follows ...
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