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Accounting as it should be

Why are we here?

We believe in delivering "Accounting as it should be".  And what does "Accounting as it should be" actually mean?  It means making sure anything we do for you gives you more certainty, more growth, more money or more time.

How do we deliver Accounting as it should be?

The way we provide Accounting as it should be is by:

We believe we need to be doing more with less because today, everything is changing around us faster and faster. If you do what you’ve always done you WILL NOT get what you’ve always got – you will get less.  Finding faster, better, smarter, and more efficient ways of doing things means you can get more of our services and more from our services.

We also believe we need to be creating lasting value because it's not good enough doing more with less if it doesn’t also add value to what you're doing.  If we're going to be "The Accounting firm of the future" then we need to ensure we are helping and not hindering you.  Finding and then focussing our time and energy on creating lasting value/wealth for you means you'll be getting ahead now and into the future.

How do we work with others?

Our core values are the cornerstone in how we work with you, our clients and our team. We believe working together with these core values in mind will result in great outcomes and a strong professional relationship between us.

Our core values are so important to us, that if you see us break one and tell us about it, we will pay a fine by way of making a donation to a charity of your choice.

What do we do?

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We can help you:

Start your business

We understand start-ups because we were also a start-up. Let us teach you what you should do and what you really should do to get up and running.

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Grow your business

We’ve grown our business every year despite the Global Financial Crisis. Let us show you how you can grow your business too.

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Manage your tax

We know what you can and can’t get away with. Let us show you how you can save on taxes and how to keep the IRD away from your doors.

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